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Kidsday: Visiting Chelsea's Table

Chelsea's Table executive chef David Seigal with Kidsday

Chelsea's Table executive chef David Seigal with Kidsday reporters Paige Talarico, Olivia Murphy, Juliana Pagan, ages 11 and 12, from Merrick outside his restaurant at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. (May 11, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Do you want your kids growing up eating healthy? Then you should go to Chelsea's Table!

Chelsea's Table offers healthy organic food. David Seigal, the executive chef, gave us a tour of his new restaurant, which is at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. We had a little taste of different things they make, including the cheeseburgers, and they were delicious! The burgers came from the Wrighteous Organics, which produces meat products such as turkey, beef, chicken and pork. After we finished our burgers, David gave us frozen yogurt with maple syrup. It was really good! Who would have thought to have frozen yogurt with maple syrup? The maple syrup came from Catskill Mountain Sugar House in Grahamsville, N.Y. Chelsea's Table also offers fresh salads, flatbread sandwiches, all-natural soups and other farm-produced food.

Chelsea's Table was founded by Gary Hirshberg, the cofounder and chairman of Stoneyfield Farms. Stonyfield, which makes organic yogurts, has expanded into the restaurant business.

While we were at Chelsea's Table, David gave us tour of the kitchen, where they prepare the food.

He also showed us Chelsea Piers, where you can play soccer and do gymnastics. Then you can get something to eat at Chelsea's Table!

It was a great experience being able to go to there. The food is amazing and we suggest that you try it!

Chelsea's Table is at Pier 62, Chelsea Piers (at 23rd Street). Call 646-560-5251.

Shades of creativity

Are you tired of your sunglasses falling off? Trust me, I am too. I found a way to keep my sunglasses on my head and to look cool at the same time. You can make beaded sunglass holders. Here's how:

You will need:

1 piece of plastic string (up to 30 inches, depending how long you want it)


Beads (make sure they will fit on the string)

Plan out the pattern you would like to use for your beads. This way, you will know in advance what you are going to do and if the pattern will work.

Cut the string to the chosen length. Some kids may want their straps to be longer, others may like them to be shorter. Leave a little extra length for tying to the glasses.

Tie one end of the string to one of the eyeglass holders. Tie it tight and maybe add some glue to hold the knot. Slip the beads onto the lanyard. When you are done, tie the other end of the string to the eyeglass holder.

--Kidsday Reporter Courtney Lange

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