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Kidsday: Walking with a Geopalz

Geopalz are inexpensive pedometers that come in many different designs. They are for all ages. At first, when we were setting them up, it was a little tricky, but we figured it out. There is something for everyone, whether you like sports, flowers or even recycling. The ones that the three of us got were a Smiley Face, a Lady Bug and a Skeleton Cat. We had some trouble because one of them kept resetting, and another one didn't start counting right away. It took a little while. Another problem we had is that they didn't clip on well to our clothes; but other than that, they were great, and they give you a code to go online and play fun games and earn free prizes just by walking. Visit

I collect model cars

I have a collection of model cars displayed on shelves my dad made for me that go around my entire room. My great-uncle Phil, who lives in California, started a tradition with me and mails two cars on every birthday and Hanukkah celebration. I have 25 cars of all types of designs and colors. It's really fun to get a package, and when I see who it's from, I know what's in it but not exactly what type of cars. When I'm in my room and I look around, it's also a cool reminder of my uncle, too. He is the reason why I have the collection, and I look forward to another package soon.

--Kidsday Reporter Mark Amella

I collect snow globes

I have more than 80 snow globes. I get one from every vacation or trip I go on (and I have been to a lot of places). I have snow globes from California, Mexico, Broadway, Rockefeller Center and more. I like collecting snow globes because they are keepsakes from every trip I have been on. So when I am bored, I go into my room and look at my snow globes, and they all bring back such good memories.

--Kidsday Reporter Erin Edgley

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Erin O'Connor's fifth-grade class, DICKINSON AVENUE SCHOOL, East Northport


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