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Kidsday: We are in control

We tested a few new video game controllers for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U. They are Rock Candy Controllers and wireless headsets made by Afterglow / PDP (visit them at

Abigail tested the Rock Candy Controller for the PS3. She wrote: "I really liked the item because I knew how to use it. The controller was red (my favorite color). I did not dislike anything about this item. I think kids my age would really enjoy this item."

Here is what Jaden said about the Blue Rock Candy Control Stick for Wii. "There are many different control sticks (nunchucks) available for the Wii.

"The control sticks that I have are the original ones that were sold when the Wii was first released. It is very responsive to the Wii remote and TV. You can see all the electronics inside of the control stick because it is made of clear, blue plastic. The blue control stick is shaped differently from my older one. It is easier to grip. The control stick is not confusing because it does the same thing as the original one, but better. It is more comfortable."

Gabrielle liked the Wii remote. She wrote: "I think the remote is easy for kids my age to use. You need the Wii system for it to work. You hook it up to the Wii. You need to put on the strap when you play with it. It comes in many different colors. I would recommend it to others."

Michelle used the controller for the Xbox 360.

She loved it and wrote: "Kids can play a lot of games with it and even watch Netflix. It was so easy to use, it was a piece of cake. All you have to do is plug it into the back of an Xbox and you are ready to play. I know kids will like it."

Give needy pets a home

Some pets don't have a home, so it is our job to help them find a home. If you see a homeless pet, call someone to help with the pet. It could be sick. If it is sick, call a vet for help. Many homeless pets get taken to the pound. Do you want to see homeless pets in the pound? We can help. We can give them a home and see the homeless pets smile.

If you have pets, take good care of them. Make sure you feed them, give them water, keep them safe, brush them, bathe them, walk them and give them exercise and fresh air. Give them lots of love. It's fun having a pet because you always have someone to talk to and play with.

--Kidsday Reporter Michelle Parisi

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Barbara Feder-Murdock, Jennifer Higgins and Ronell Press' fourth-grade class, JOHN H. WEST SCHOOL, Bethpage

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