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Kidsday: Why we love Krazy Kids in Medford

Are you tired of staying at home? Are you looking for someplace to go to have fun with your friends and family? Visit Krazy Kids in Medford.

There's a lot you can do there. It's mostly for kids younger than we are, but we really like the tween nights. They're on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. and they're for kids 9 to 15.

We know some parents can be overprotective. They won't have to worry, because parents can stay, too. At the tween night, you can sing karaoke, compete in fun competitions or dance to a DJ all night.

If you're looking for a place to hold a birthday party, you've found the place. Krazy Kids offers a birthday package that includes a two-hour party with 12 guests, a party host server, invitations, tokens for each guest, a balloon centerpiece, pizza, juice and cake.

You also can get a free Krazy Kids T-shirts for all your friends and family to sign.

You can go to Krazy Kids for meetings, hangouts, day care or school field trips.

If you want some fun, there are amazing things you can do. First off, they have a plasma TV that plays more than 100 Netflix movies. For younger siblings, there is a toddler area with castles and toys everywhere. There's also a giant maze with multiple activities inside.

There's a tightrope, a rope swing, two slides, a bouncy area and a small bungee. You also can play games and win tickets to trade in for prizes.

There is even a snack bar. Cailie wrote, "When I went to Krazy Kids with Jennifer and Angelica, I had lots of fun. The food was really good. I had pizza. They buy their food from the deli and pizzeria across the street in the shopping center."

To sum it up, we thought it was really fun, mostly because we have the minds of 3-year-olds. We can't wait to go again. It's at 3235 Horseblock Rd., Medford. Visit, or call 631-775-9909.

Great for kids

Tired of the same old restaurants? Want to eat at a place that is enjoyable for not just adults but kids, too? Well, we surveyed sixth-graders in our school, and here are their picks for the top family fun restaurants:


TGI Friday's


Ruby Tuesday

Olive Garden

Friendly's wins with kids. As one kid said, it is fast and has good food. Most kids want to get in and then get out.

Second was Friday's. Kids like all the TVs, and it is OK to be a little louder in there -- and the food is really good. The other places did not get as many votes.


CLASS OF THE WEEK Mike Mac Kenzie and Kerri Weiss' sixth-graders, LONGWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL, Middle Island

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