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Meeting and singing with the Kidz Bop stars

Kidz Bop stars Jacob, left, Julianna, Liv and

Kidz Bop stars Jacob, left, Julianna, Liv and Isaiah with Kidsday reporters Billy Gillis of Malverne and Teagan Urich of Island Park, backstage at Jones Beach. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We went to the Kidz Bop concert at Jones Beach on Wednesday. Although severe thunderstorms and rain threatened to hit just at concert time, nothing could stop the Kidz Bop Kids from performing! But we weren’t there just to enjoy the show, we were also going backstage and hopping on the Kidz Bop tour bus to talk to the stars of the show.

   When we got on the bus we got to interview four of the seven Kidz Bop kids: Liv, Isaiah, Jacob and Julianna. And yes, being on a pop group’s tour bus is cool! The group is on a world tour of about 60 cities and traveling overseas to Australia, London, Canada and Mexico. Despite traveling all over the world, the Kidz Bop kids said their favorite place to perform was right here in the U.S., in New Hampshire! One of the crew members let us in on the reason — the concert venue has a pool right on site for them! That’s something they probably would have loved to have after the hot, steamy temperatures at Jones Beach on Wednesday night. Even with the heat, though, the Kidz Bop kids sang and danced their hearts out.

    They told us they love to perform for all different types of audiences with all different energy throughout the world and that they basically never get tired of it. They had some funny stories of being on stage and suddenly forgetting the lyrics while in the middle of a song, but they were always able to bounce back and keep the show going. One of the biggest challenges for the Kidz Bop kids is learning new choreography, as some of the dances are really complex and there are always new steps to learn.

Liv told us her first concert she ever attended was a Kidz Bop concert and now she is performing with them. Dreams do come true!

Jacob told us about performing with Justin Bieber. He knew he wanted to be a performer forever, after singing in front of the biggest audience he had ever seen at the Bieb’s concert.

Julianna is from Houston, Texas, and actually voted for Houston as her favorite place to perform (we wonder why?)! She is a dog lover and misses her dog, Casper, who is back in Houston. Julianna used to be a volleyball player “back in her school days” but now she attends school online while touring.

And lastly, Isaiah told us that he plays the guitar, drums, piano and used to play the clarinet and trumpet back in his school band. Musically, Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas have been big influences for Isaiah. Apparently, Isaiah is an excellent waffle maker and claims to make the Kidz Bop kids a breakfast special of waffles topped with cereal and strawberries. No wonder they have so much energy!

     As far as energy goes, they had plenty of that throughout the concert. Between the singing and dancing to "Uptown Funk," "Havana" and "Girls Like You," along with great special effects, the show was spectacular. The Kidz Bop stars even managed to bring up dads from the audience for a dance-off and let the audience decide the winner. Even though umbrellas and rain hats were needed on and off for the show, the crowd hung in there and it was worth getting a little wet. We were able to stay for the "meet and greet" after the concert and got to thank the performers for a great experience. There were hugs all around. Each one of the Kidz was nicer than the next and it was a night we will never forget. We can't wait till World Tour 2020!

    According to the group, being on the road is one of the best parts of being a Kidz Bop kid. They love to travel the world and as Liv said, “Not many 13-year-olds get to do this!”

We got to wrap up our interview by singing a few lines with the group from “The Kidz Bop Shuffle,” an original song from their World Tour album.  We had a great time with the them and got to feel like rock stars for a night. You can find out more about this great group by visiting their website:

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