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Kindness coins help our school friendships grow

Kidsday reporters Ava Helbock, left, and Ella Ryan

Kidsday reporters Ava Helbock, left, and Ella Ryan with their school kindness coins. Credit: Gina Romano

Have you ever heard of kindness? Well, we’re sure you have. In our school we reward kids who are kind by giving them kindness coins. When you see someone else do something kind, you pass the kindness coin on.

We asked our class how many kindness coins they got last year, and we collected 118. Wow! That’s a lot of kindness.

Kindness coins also help friendship growth. For example, you can be kind to anyone — it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl, or what grade they are in. If someone comes up to you and gives you a kindness coin because you held the door for them, or helped them pick up their things after they’ve dropped them, you just might want to be their friend, because they were honest (and even honored) that it was you, not just their friends.

We think all schools should use kindness coins.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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