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Good Evening

Doing good deeds will fill a bucket with fuzzies

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kayli Greco

“You can go put your name on the warm fuzzy list,” our teacher Mrs. Robyn Grieco will tell our class. If you’re wondering what the warm fuzzy list is, I’m here to tell you.

We have a special thing in our class called bucket fillers. Every student gets their own bucket labeled with their name. Every time somebody does a good deed for others, they get a warm fuzzy. The warm fuzzies are pompoms, and when you get one, it goes in your bucket. At the very end of the month, our teachers will tally them up, and the students with the most get a snack coupon and get to visit the principal and tell her what they did to get the warm fuzzies.

The warm fuzzy list comes in when you do an act of kindness, or a good deed. If the teacher catches you doing it, you can put your name on the list, and every day they go through the list and put a warm fuzzy in those people’s buckets.

The bucket-fillers program is based on the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. In the beginning of the year, the principal reads it to each class. The book has inspired kids to spread kindness to their peers and teaches a great lesson.

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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