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'King Kong' grabbed our hearts

Christiani Pitts stars as Ann Darrow in "King

Christiani Pitts stars as Ann Darrow in "King Kong: Alive on Broadway." Credit: Joan Marcus

Recently, we saw an amazing Broadway musical,   filled with action, and you’ll probably recognize the star immediately. You may have heard his mighty roar from the speakers on your TV, or seen him beating his chest on screen. That’s right, we saw “King Kong: Alive on Broadway.”

In “King Kong: Alive on Broadway,” a heartwarming story about an aspiring actress, Ann Darrow (played by Christiani Pitts), the “damsel in distress” and her risk-taking director, Carl Denham (Eric William Morris). They embark on a journey to the fabled Skull Island, trying to make a movie about a monstrous creature told through sailors' tales. Soon they find what they were looking for in a giant ape that captures Ann. Instead of eating her, Kong develops a bond with Ann and they become kindred spirits.

Putting everyone in danger, Carl has captured the footage and is about to leave Ann to be destroyed by the monster when a kind man working for him says that he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own two eyes. Determined to capture the beast and entertain the world with a live wonder, and to get rich, he finds Ann and she has to choose between doing what's right, and helping Kong, or becoming the movie star of her dreams and getting off the streets. This tale of imprisonment, love and greed, shows how doing what's right is truly important, and how mistakes can have dire consequences.

Though the entire show was wonderful, we did have some favorite parts. One was when King Kong was captured and Carl tried to put on a show about the adventure to get Kong. Some of the characters in this part were very entertaining, and this was the part leading up to the big finale. Another of our favorite parts was when Ann soothed Kong to sleep with her song after he fought a serpent and was injured. We liked this part because it really showed the bond Ann and Kong shared. They found a kindred spirit in each other, and this song proves it. We had many favorite parts that are surprises, so we can’t include them.

Some of our favorite characters were Kong, the main character who is largely misunderstood, Ann Darrow a poor young woman who is pictured as a damsel in distress, when in reality she is a warrior. We also liked Lumpy, a kind old man who works for Carl Denham, the director who is selfish, greed, and ambitious. All these characters were interesting to learn about, had fascinating personalities and were entertaining to watch on stage. If you go to see the show you will not be disappointed.

The puppeteers and the cast did a great job portraying the characters, and the choreography was amazing. Because of this we rate the show 4.5 out of 5 smiles. Anyone from the age of 10 and older will enjoy this show, but be aware that some might find the giant gorilla or the loud sounds scary. All in all, Kong is a very exciting show to see and we think you will enjoy it!

It is playing at Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway, Manhattan. Find out more online:

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