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Park Bake Shop in Kings Park is a great place for sweet treats 

Kidsday reporter Mackenzie Kruger of RJO Intermediate School,

Kidsday reporter Mackenzie Kruger of RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park, at the Park Bake Shop. Credit: Kruger family

Who loves to eat yummy doughnuts, cakes and pastries? I bet everyone reading this article loves one of them! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you have to try Park Bake Shop. It is located at 112 Main St., Kings Park. 

There is something for everyone at Park Bake Shop. Everybody loves doughnuts, but have you ever tried a croughnut? A croughnut is a pastry that resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough, which is filled with flavored cream and then fried. Who wouldn’t like that?

There are other kinds of sweets, like the French cruller, which has air pockets but is overall mushy and sweet! They even make birthday cakes and brownie cakes, which are out-of-this-world delicious! There are so many different kinds of cookies, cakes and pastries, so there is definitely something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

If you don’t want a nice treat, you can get other things such as bagels or muffins. You can even get coffee or tea — perfect for breakfast.

One great thing I learned about Park Bake Shop is they even have some gluten-free items that include tea biscuits, banana nut bread, corn muffins, sponge cake and so much more.

At Park Bake Shop, you can go and grab your food or treat if you are on the run or you can sit and eat your food, read the news and relax a bit! When you first walk in you can smell all the fresh cakes and cookies, so be careful because you will want to eat everything.

Cynthia Howe and Stefanie Murphy’s fourth-grade class, RJO. Intermediate School, Kings Park

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