Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Kings Park Hike and Bike Trail great exercise

The Kings Park Hike and Bike Trail is a great place to ride your bike. It is a 1.5-mile paved trail. It is slightly hilly and goes through an abandoned psychiatric center and park area. In June 2014 a new section was added to bring you straight to Main Street.

I went biking on this trail with my friend, Molly, and her little sister, Paige, her dad, and my mom and dad. I put on sunblock and my helmet before hopping on my bike. We started from our house and met our friends at the church parking lot where the trail begins. We rode down to the Nissequogue River State Park, where there is a playground. We decided to take a break at the playground before we rode back. We had to go uphill on the way back, so it was harder. Along the way we saw joggers, other bikers, a roller-blader, and people walking their dogs. The old buildings were interesting to look at, too. I would recommend using this trail on a nice day. It is pretty, great exercise, and just fun! Visit

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