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Kissam House can teach about colonial life in Huntington

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Last year we went on the most amazing trip to the Kissam House in Huntington. The Kissam House, which was built in 1795, is where Dr. Daniel Kissam lived.

At The Kissam House we learned about what life was like during the Revolutionary War. There are four fun activities that you can do there. The first thing you can do is make a card with ink. First you get a card and pick a design for the front and the back. You pick a card and you take the design, press it down and paint it. Then you let that dry and take a feather and dip it in black ink. Then you write a little message inside for yourself, or you can give it to a family member or even your teacher.

Another activity you can do is sewing. It is so fun — all you do is follow the instructions. Next, you can make a spin toy. You take a wooden disk with a little hole in it and get a piece of thread. You put the thread in the little hole and spin it a couple of times, and then it spins by itself. You can decorate it, too.

Lastly you can soften sheep wool. They give you a piece of knotted wool and two brushes. You line them up but in opposite directions and pull until the wool gets soft. And last of all, you get to make butter and eat it on cornbread. 

It was a fun experience, and we learned a lot about what life was like in Huntington during the Revolutionary War. We loved the Kissam House; it is really fun, and you should visit it.

Info: 434 Park Ave., Huntington,

Susan Danzig and Jen Stucchio’s fifth-grade class, Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School, Huntington Station

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