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With Kurio camera, you’ll become a photographer in a Snap

Kidsday reporter Ryan Feile tested the Kurio Snap

Kidsday reporter Ryan Feile tested the Kurio Snap camera. Credit: Feile family

The Kurio Snap is a great kid’s toy. It is a camera for kids to take photos and videos with the option to apply banners, words and stickers. It is a very good product to buy for birthdays and any other occasion.

The case is very durable. The photos are good quality. Coming from a 12-year-old, it’s quite fun to play with. There are plenty of pros but a few cons, yet still a good product.

The Kurio Snap is a perfect toy for 3- to 7-year-olds. The picture quality is better than a normal kids’ camera, yet not as good as an iPhone camera. It is also very easy to take selfies because you can spin the camera lens around.

Overall, I do say this is a great product to buy. I recommend it due to its durability, and it’s just plain fun. My 6-year-old sister and I like to play with it. I definitely recommend this product.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre

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