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Lacrosse shafts

I am going to tell you about lacrosse shafts. My favorite is the Gait Ice Scandium enhanced, which is really light. With a light shaft, you can shoot faster than with a heavier one. I also like the power shaft. It is designed to be heavy because if you shoot with a regular shaft like I did, I shot 55 mph, then I put the power shaft on the head and I got 45 mph. When I shot again with my regular shaft, I got 67 mph.

My first ever lacrosse shaft was the Warrior Joker. Let's just say it was not the lightest shaft. My second was the Easton Eon. The next was the Gait Ice. It was like holding a fiddlestick compared to the others. Lacrosse is fun. If you don't already play, try it.

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