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Lacrosse star Tim Goettelman's cause close to his heart: Monster's Kids

Kidsday reporters Andrew Choe, Andrew Paiz and Christopher

Kidsday reporters Andrew Choe, Andrew Paiz and Christopher Nocolaides, all from the Lakeville School in Great Neck with Tim Goettelmann, the founder of Monster's Kids, at his Garden City home. (March 22, 2015) Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

We spoke with Loyola University graduate and former Long Island Lizards lacrosse star Tim Goettelmann at his home in Garden City. He runs the organization Monster's Kids, which raises money for Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

What inspired you to come up with Monster's Kids?

In 2009 I was playing lacrosse with the LI Lizards and I was reading a book to Emerson and Stella, my two oldest daughters. And the book was named "Where the Wild Things Are." I was acting out the story to the girls. At the time Emerson was almost 3 and Stella was a little baby. On the [lacrosse] field my nickname was The Monster. I was at the tail end of my career and I wanted to give back to something. I didn't know at the time what it was, but the name came to me when I was reading the book. That's how Monster's Kids actually started and became the organization that it is now.

How do you raise money?

In the beginning I gave my salary. I would have played for free, but for 11 seasons the Major League Lacrosse league paid all the players to play lacrosse. At the end of my career I gave my salary to start Monster's Kids. Now we have an alumni game between Manhasset and Garden City, which is called the Woodstick Classic, and it follows the high school tradition rivalry between Manhasset and Garden City. So the alumni that played when they were younger in high school come back and we raise money for Monster's Kids.

What do you plan to do after you raise $500,000 for the hospital?

We're always going to give it to Cohen's Children's Medical Center. There's always been talks about giving it to other charities or other places or other families, but I felt that in the beginning it became only fitting to go to Cohen's Children's Medical Center because I had a very close family friend that was working there and it all was working out where we were helping out sick kids.

When do you plan to close your organization?

It will never end, and that's the beauty of Monster's Kids because if my kids don't do it hopefully someone close to me or someone in the community will take it over, but Monster's Kids will never end. We'll always raise money for sick children and special-needs children.

Do you think that your $500,000 will make a huge difference?

I do. I think it's an amazing number. Every penny counts, every dollar counts. It doesn't matter how much is donated at one time because it all adds up.


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