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Playing lacrosse, we learn more than just stick skills

Kidsday reporters McKenna Clark, left, and Kaitlyn Oliver

Kidsday reporters McKenna Clark, left, and Kaitlyn Oliver play with the North Fork Lacrosse Club. Credit: Clark family

Lacrosse is not just a team sport. It is about friendship, love, kindness and braveness. It’s not just working by yourself; it’s working as a team to win a game. At practice, we like to focus on lacrosse and not get distracted by other things.

When a teammate throws the ball, don’t get scared. Hold your stick out and get ready to catch the ball. If you are getting scared, just remember that you are protected by your equipment. If you don’t know how to really protect yourself, then come see one of our great coaches, and they will help you get better.

You might not want try lacrosse at first, but come and watch, and then you might want to try it and end up loving the game.

Our great coaches help us learn new stick skills and get us in good shape. “Ground balls win games,” our coaches say.

Lacrosse on the North Fork is growing as a sport. Many girls are joining our team every year. There are boys teams and girls teams, and you can join from kindergarten through eighth grade. If you come to our gym, you can see how much North Fork Lacrosse is growing.

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