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Lakeville School’s royal throne wins in recycled art contest

"Lakeville's Royally Recycled Throne" won in the elementary

"Lakeville's Royally Recycled Throne" won in the elementary group category. Credit:

Once again, Lakeville School has won the Annual Recycled Art Contest in North Hempstead Town for using recycled materials in the best way. We worked a long time to reach our goal. This year we made a royal throne with a lot of magazines and a lot of pairs of hands to work and roll. Our art teachers, Mrs. Monica Casazza and Mr. Clifford Broffman, had gotten all of the Lakeville students involved by bringing in old or unused magazines.

“We used a couple of things,” said Mr. Broffman. We used coffee cans as arm supporters, almond milk bottles, cereal boxes on the back of the throne, an old chair and some fabric to drape over the chair. We spent weeks rolling magazines one by one to put together this masterpiece.

Students even took time to help out with our art teachers to assemble all of the parts. We had hoped to win because of all our hard work put into it. Our time, effort and teamwork was all worth it. We heard the news a few days later that we had won the 2016 contest. Lots of people have exhibited this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. All of the Lakeville School members were very thrilled with the results.

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