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Laptops are the way to go: Migrating our schoolwork online

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

No more paper and pen, just Chromebooks. In class we used to open our binders and start class. Soon in all classrooms, we will get into class, open our laptops and start class. There’s so much more we can do online than on paper. Here’s a few of the websites and tools we will use:

GOOGLE CLASSROOM DOCS, AND FORMS In Google classroom your teachers can post homework and announcements. For example they could post that there’s a test Friday. In Google docs you can write papers and share them, and teachers can edit them. On Google forms the teachers can make quizzes and you can see your grade instantly.

KAHOOT ( You can play a game where you have a question and four answer choices and if you get it right you can be on the leaderboard.

REMIND ( Your teacher can text or message you on the app.

QUIZLET.LIVE AND QUIZLET ( Your group puts their computers together and gets quizzed on word definitions and other topics. You can use the flashcards, games, matching, spelling and tests.

QUIA ( This is similar to quizlet because you put in words and definitions and can study by using online flashcards.

I love these websites. My favorite part of this is we get to use electronics and we don’t need to worry about losing our notes. It will always be there in our computer’s memory. I find it helpful that I can be out of my house doing errands and if I want to study or do homework, all I have to do is take out my phone and it’s right there.


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