Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Guess who's doing the laundry in my house?

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen doing the laundry.

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen doing the laundry. Credit: Chen family

I never thought much about laundry before. The clothes were always there whenever I need them.

I always saw adults doing the laundry and, man, I didn’t care. I didn’t think doing the laundry was hard. My life changed one day when my mom assigned me to do the laundry. I was about to argue with her until she said my sister could help me. At least she could do all the work. Sadly, my mom told me to do most of the work.

I went to the washing machine and turned the load size to super and loaded the washer with cold water and detergent. I waited about 15 minutes and the washer stopped. Next, I added fabric softener to the clothes in the washer in the rinse cycle. We waited for another 10 minutes for the fabric softener to mix in with the clothes. When the washer stopped for the second time, we took the clothes out and put them in the dryer. After an hour, the clothes were finally dry!

We took the clothes out. I took the lint from the filter of the dryer. When it was time to fold the clothes, I realized how hard it was to wash everybody’s clothes. It takes a lot of work to provide a clean set of clothes for the family to use every day.

At the end, I was proud of myself. The machine didn’t bite. Parents, you can thank me for writing this article so you can encourage your kids to have the same experience as I did! 

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