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Our Wall of Thanks for grown-ups who make a difference

Kidsday reporters Aaliyah Davis, left, and Giana Torres

Kidsday reporters Aaliyah Davis, left, and Giana Torres at their Wall of Thanks at Lawrence Elementary School. Credit: Jean Mahland

We are writing about our school’s Wall of Thanks.

This is a schoolwide project that we start in the beginning of each year. The Wall of Thanks is near the main office in our school, Lawrence Elementary School. We created the Wall of Thanks because we give thanks to all the grown-ups that help us each day. Every kid in grade three, four and five chooses one person to write about. Some kids write about their classroom teachers or the aides that help out in their classroom. You can also write about the principal or the gym teacher or art teacher.

We have two teachers in our classroom and we both wrote about them. Giana wrote, “I am thankful for Ms. Mahland and Ms. Mor for teaching me all these things.”

Aaliyah wrote, “Ms. Mar and Ms. Mahland are the best teachers ever!”

Lawrence Elementary School is lucky to have so many great teachers!

Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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