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LeapFrog games are educational and fun, too

Kidsday reporters Yesenia Lugo, left, Leah Flower and

Kidsday reporters Yesenia Lugo, left, Leah Flower and Isabella Lewis reviewed LeapFrog toys. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested a few LeapFrog products and we loved them all! They are all fun learning devices. Leah tested Word Whammer. She wrote, “It has word learning games like Dragons, Rocket Ride and Penguin teacup twister and panda bumper cars. Each game has five levels. I like Word Whammer. It is very fun for children. If I was in kindergarten I would play with it every day. I like how batteries are included. I like the panda bumper cars the best. In panda’s bumper cars you get a word, then you find the missing letter. I played this with my sister.

AGES 3 and older

Rating 5 smiles

Yesenia tested LeapFrog Epic 7-inch Android-based Kids Tablet is white and gray and has a 7-inch touch screen tablet and a thick green case for protection. It has a front and back camera. And it has a slot to hold the stylus. it is Wi-Fi ready. She wrote, “Even though the Epic Table is meant for ages 3-9, I really enjoyed it because it lets me choose six of my favorite games to put on my home screen. There is an app called word of the day and it teaches me a new word and its meaning every day. I like to take pictures with my family on this.”

AGES 3-9

RATING 5 smiles

Isabella tested LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet. She wrote: You can take it with you in the car for long trips and places. It has a big screen and a touch pen. There is an app center where you can make pets and a pet chat, too. There’s a music player, a calculator and lots of games. There is an Ademo game, voice memo and a camera to take pictures and leap search. I think it’s a great toy to experience and learn things, such as some educational games.

AGES 3 and older

RATING 4.5 smiles

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