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Learning about recycling

Recycling coordinator Danielle Wynn visited Kidsday reporters at

Recycling coordinator Danielle Wynn visited Kidsday reporters at Sayville Academic Center. Photo Credit: Constance Krauss

Ms. Danielle Wynn, a recycling educator for the Town of Islip, visited our class. She spoke to us about WRAP, which stands for We Recycle America Proudly. WRAP is a recycling program that reduces, reuses, and recycles garbage. She showed us a video on recycling that was very cool. It showed us where the trash goes after it is picked up from our houses. We found out that the garbage goes to an Earth-friendly incinerator after it is picked up. The trash is turned into ash and steam to be used as electricity.

We learned that glass, metal, cardboard, paper and plastic can be recycled. Ms. Wynn showed us some of the things that are made from recycled garbage. Most things can be recycled into something useful. E-waste (or electronic waste) can be used as parts for appliances and cars. Yard waste can be recycled into compost for gardens and lawns. Ms. Wynn showed us some finished recycled products, too. We saw pocketbooks and backpacks made from labels, wrappers, and juice packaging.

Ms. Wynn also showed us how to make usable paper out of recycled paper. We shaped our homemade paper into a heart and placed it on the windowsill in the sunshine to dry. Once it was dry we hung it in our classroom.

Ms. Wynn’s visit was informative and fun, and she might visit your school, too. Presentations are free of charge; you can schedule a guided tour of the Multi-Purpose Recycling Facility. Here’s how to contact her: Danielle Wynn, Recycling Educator, Town of Islip, 631-595-3500 ext. 1344.

When we recycle, we save our natural resources, keep our Earth clean and maintain a healthy environment.

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