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Learning sign language inspires student's art project

When I had the opportunity to learn sign language, I couldn't wait to learn a new way to communicate. In middle school, we are given a choice to take a language; many kids like to learn Spanish, French or Italian. I thought it would be fun to learn how to sign. Turns out, it is hard work learning all the hand signals.

When I was given the assignment in art class to create a poster that would inspire someone to make a difference, I thought about how sign language has taught me a new skill. This skill not only helps me communicate with the deaf but I also can teach my friends and family a new language.

I chose to use animé in my poster because it would appeal to more kids my age. I thought using a character would make younger people take a second look. Once they stopped to look at the animé, then they would take a moment to read about the deaf and see how sign language is a very important tool.

Mill Neck is a school for the deaf on Long Island. The hearing impaired deserve to be treated as everyone else -- just because they have trouble hearing doesn't stop them from being productive or going to school.

I thought this assignment would help make people aware of how sign language could help open up communication with the deaf.

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