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Learning the pure joy of surfing at Bunger Surf Camp

Kidsday reporter Kylie O'Driscoll catches a wave at

Kidsday reporter Kylie O'Driscoll catches a wave at Gilgo Beach. Credit: O’Driscoll family

I think Bunger Surf Camp is the best summer camp ever. The camp is held at Gilgo Beach. They offer a variety of camps for kids ages 7 to 17.

I started going two years ago and since then, five of my other friends started coming with me. Last summer I went to the three-full-day camp and a two-half-day camp in August.

Here is what full-day camp is like. When you get there, you get a wet suit, a rash guard and a surfboard if you don’t have one. Last year my parents got me my own surfboard. You walk down to the beach and do some group stretches. The instructors show you how to hop up on the board. You practice this a bit on land before heading into the water. Then you surf for about 90 minutes. Some campers stand up easily and some need more practice. They tell you that by the end of camp, you will stand up and catch a wave. We have lunch and afterward we play running bases. After lunch you surf for 45 more minutes. Some of the waves we surf are two to four feet high. The coaches are awesome.

The first time I stood up on my surfboard, I had a feeling I will never forget. It felt like pure joy to me. Take it from me, Bunger Surf Camp is the best camp. For information, visit the website, To register for surf camp, call 800-698-SURF.

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