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Good Morning

Learning to box takes focus, dedication

People on TV make boxing look easy and I bet you catch yourself saying, "Just punch him, dude!" or "Just block it, man!" but it is actually quite difficult.

I started training about 21/2 years ago with my Aunt Jamie. Aunt Jamie [McGrath] Venturo was the 1998 Golden Gloves 112-pound champion. I go to her basement, and she has training equipment such as punching bags, heavy bags, gloves and wraps, plus lots of exercise machines. She has helped me so much because besides getting into great shape, we do yoga as well. Boxing gives me confidence. My best punch is an uppercut.

When you are training, you have to jump rope, run (a lot), practice your punches, sit-ups, push-ups and ducking, and I am sure that there is more that I don't know about because I am only 11.

If you're a boxer, you have to stay extremely focused when you are in a fight. You can't be waving to your mom or something, you have to pay attention to other fighters and keep your mouth closed so the fighter doesn't knock out your teeth.

So if you think boxing is hard now, wait until you might do it, but I promise you it is the best thing you can do!

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