How can you get around before you have a driver’s license? Sailing! I just love to sail. It is my favorite sport. I sail in the summer and winter. I’ve been sailing for about four years at Sayville Yacht Club in Blue Point. I take lessons in the summer. I was first inspired to sail because of my aunt, Debbie Capozzi.

Debbie was in the 2008 and the 2012 Olympics. She has been sailing since she was 6. Debbie said, “I could not drive a car, but I could drive a boat.” Debbie thought of sailing as a way of freedom. She didn’t know when she was little it would help her go to the Olympics.

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For my Aunt Debbie, sailing would also help her to travel the world to places like Australia, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. She would visit the country with her teammates for three to four weeks before the competition. For the Olympics, she went to China and England. Before each Olympic adventure she lived in the country for about four months.

Sailing gives me freedom on the water. You use only natural energy, which is the wind! There are towns on Fire Island that you can get to only by boat, including Ocean Beach and Davis Park.