Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

LED safety gear is a cool way to light the night

Kidsday reporter Patrick Scomello tests the PowerLacez light-up

Kidsday reporter Patrick Scomello tests the PowerLacez light-up shoelaces. Credit: Scomello family

We tested two products that should be good for kids and adults who like to play or exercise outdoors when it’s getting darker. We tested PowerWrapz and PowerLacez (made by 4id).

Patrick tested the PowerLacez Light Up Shoelaces. He wrote: They come in many different colors — blue, green, white and pink — and attach to your sneakers. They can light up very bright. The laces can be set to different modes including steady, slow flickering and fast flickering. They are waterproof. I like the way they can adapt to any sneaker that has laces. They look really cool. I only wish the battery lasted longer and the battery holder was a little smaller.

Natalie tested the PowerWrapz LED Safety Band, and she wrote: This safety light is flexible and has two adjustable straps. There are eight different sizes, and you can put it on almost anything — for example, a bike, helmet, umbrella, backpack and much more. It can help make you visible if you are doing activities in the dark. A cool feature is that you can make the light flash in different patterns. Another cool feature is they’re weatherproof. I recommend this safety light.

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