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Great Neck student has a Lego collection

Kidsday reporter Marc Hyman with some of his

Kidsday reporter Marc Hyman with some of his Lego creations. Credit: Hyman family

Do you enjoy building and being creative? Legos could be the toy for you. They are so much fun to build. You can buy a Lego set and be busy for hours. When you’re done, you have such an amazing creation. I’ve built Big Ben, the Ghostbuster Building and the Tower Bridge.

You can also use your imagination and use single Lego pieces to build something magical. I have loved to work with Legos since I was 4. You might say that I’m a pro. I have a huge collection of Legos. I would say that I have built 200 sets.

My brothers also help me put the sets together. Some sets have as many as 4,600 pieces. Imagine keeping all of these pieces together and figuring out how to put them together to create something amazing. They look really cool when you finish them.

My brother and I used to have 200 Lego sets, but now we have about 100 because we had too many and we needed to make space. We now have three Lego sets with more than 4,000 pieces each, and I am about to get a Lego set that is more than 7,000 pieces.

I am also building a Batman vehicle, and that has 400 pieces. This one is for my brother — he needs some help from an expert. The only bad thing about Legos is they are very fragile. My little brother once broke my 2,996-piece Lego building.

There are different versions of Legos made for various ages. My favorite Lego set to build was the Big Ben Lego. It was one of the 4,000-piece Lego sets. When I get my 7,000-piece Lego set, it is going to be my new favorite Lego set.

Jennifer Green and Renee Remi’s fourth-grade class, Saddle Rock Elementary School, Great Neck

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