Good Morning
Good Morning

Lego love, for one and all

There are a lot of kids all over the world who like to build Lego sets just like me. Some sets are easy and some are hard. I like them because they are such a fun hobby. Lego sets come with step-by-step directions so even beginners can do this as long as they have the patience. The directions have pictures so it is easy to build. I build Legos for fun but some people build Legos and put them in stores like Toys R Us in Manhattan.

Kids are not the only people who build Legos. Some adults play with Legos too. Legos can also help adults in their job, like designing buildings or cities.

Legos come in different sizes, different colors and shapes. You can make anything from Legos. There are even Lego sets for famous characters such as Spider-Man and Barbie. My favorite one to build is "The Guardians of the Galaxy." I have built more than 100 Lego sets. Legos are a great way to have fun.

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