Good Morning
Good Morning

Let’s go for a sail

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Max Tunney, Long Beach

Sailing is a fun activity to do in the summer. There are many kinds of boats to sail with, but one of the most fun and easiest is the Optimist. The Optimist is a great one-person boat that is fast but pretty easy to handle.

A good time to sail is when it is very windy but not too windy because your boat can capsize, or flip over. Sailing is fun but it can be dangerous. So, when you are out on the water, you have to be careful. You must be very careful while you are sailing and make sure you are wearing a life jacket.

The hardest part about sailing is getting the boat attached to the buoy. The buoy is what you attach the boat to when you’re finished sailing. The easiest part of sailing is raising the sails and putting on the tiller handle. The tiller is the part of the sailboat that helps you steer the boat. The most painful part about sailing is getting hit by the boom when you jibe. The boom is in the middle of the sail boat, and it gives support to the main sail. We live in Great Neck, and there are so many good places for us to sail.

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