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Good Morning

Let’s sled at Cedar Creek Park

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ciara Carrasco

Are you sick and tired of sitting in your house all the time because it’s winter? Then come on down to Cedar Creek Park at 3340 Merrick Rd., in Seaford. It’s great in the summertime because of the nice turf fields, bike trails and playgrounds, but it’s better in the winter when the big center hill is covered in snow.

“Best place to go sledding with kids,” a helpful Google review writer stated, and I agree. Although walking up the hill might be a pain, soaring down the hill with snow flying at you is a blast. What’s great about this popular sledding park is that the hill is a perfect size. You’re not fighting yourself to stay in the sled; and it’s a smooth yet exciting ride. Although you have to bring your own sled, it is free. This is great because you can bring along as many people as you want free of cost. Also, there are park officials at the top to help organize the great sledding spot. Since these park officials help organize things, it makes sledding safe. You’re not crashing into people going down the hill. As you can see, there are many reasons why Cedar Creek sledding is so great.

Dress in warm clothes!

I don’t see any reason not to stop by Cedar Creek to have a great time sledding. See you there!

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