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LI kids interview 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' stars

Actor Ty Burrell, the voice of Sherman, for

Actor Ty Burrell, the voice of Sherman, for the new movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman," posed with Kidsday reporters Varivashya Poladi, Alexis Aguiar, Kelly Chen and Evangelos Papadatos from PS 165 in Flushing at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan on Feb. 9, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to an advance screening of the new animated movie "Mr. Peabody & Sherman," in Manhattan. It is the ultimate movie about a time machine constructed by a dog, yes a dog, named Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell). Mr. Peabody is a well-known scientist, and a dog with an adopted child named Sherman (Max Charles). The time machine was called the WABAC (pronounced "way back"). Messing up the time machine in an argument with a friend, Sherman gets lost in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the French Revolution, and in many more times and other places.

Sherman and his friend Penny (Ariel Winter) get to meet many famous people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, George Washington, and the queen at the French Revolution. They had quite an expedition trying to keep Penny's parents hypnotized. Penny, the girl who caused all the trouble including the black hole in the space/time warp, almost gets engaged to King Tut. Touching the Trojan horse, the first flying machine, and even mummies, they show us a thriller!

Emotional and action-packed as it is, the movie teaches a good lesson: be proud of who you are -- in a most unbelievable and cool way. Mean people and nice people get what they deserve, and that can mean even the Smell of Victory . . . Overall, we loved the movie. It was love at first view for all of us! We give it a 4 ½ out of 5 smiles!

After seeing the movie, we went over to the Ritz Carlton Hotel to meet actors Ty Burrell, who is Phil Dunphy on the show "Modern Family," and actor Max Charles.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Max: Probably back to the old Mr. Peabody and Sherman. To be like, "Hey Sherman, I'm Sherman." "I'm Sherman. You must be twins."

Ty: That's kind of like that scene from the movie, isn't it? I love sports so I would love to go back and see a lot of different sports events. I'd like to go see the old Olympics, I'd like to travel back to see the very, very first basketball game. I would really get into that. I'd also like to travel back in time to tell myself not to wear certain things in high school.

What celebrity would you want to meet back then?

Ty: This is somebody you probably don't know who this is, but his name is Buster Keaton. He was a comedian, but he would do these crazy physical comedy things where there's an old black-and-white movie of a guy standing out in front of a house and the house falls down. The front of the house falls down over him and he's just standing in the doorway and so it misses him. Maybe it's even a window. So it goes and falls down around him, but they didn't have computer effects like we have now. So he actually had to measure the wall and stand there and let it fall around him. Or he did a whole thing on the train, climbing over the train. It was just crazy. So I would like to meet him and just see how he did it.

Do you think working on this movie is more special than working on other movies?

Max: Well it was fun to meet all these people. Ty was great to work with. I did a recording session with him and Robin Minkoff and Alex Schwartz, they were amazing to work with and it was really fun.

Would you want to do a second Mr. Peabody movie? If you do why?

Ty: I'd love a second Mr. Peabody. I'd love to do it again because it's a really fun process, because I got to meet a lot of really great people and because I think it's a fun . . . you know I have kids, I have two kids and I think it's a fun way for kids to learn about history. So I'd love to be a part of that again.

Max, how does it feel to work with really famous and cool adults like Ty?

Max: It's awesome because he's really nice and it's funny because the first day I met him, when I worked with him first, our first scene together was we had to scream at each other and we were just screaming at each other while we were looking at each other and then they said cut and it's like "it's nice to meet you."

Ty: We just started by yelling at each other.

Is there anyone in history that you would actually like to meet?

Ty: Yeah. I'd like to meet all of them. I would like to meet every one of those historical figures. I'd love to meet Robespierre. I'd love to meet Agamemnon. He was the soldier, in the movie -- the Soldier and the Trojan Horse; I'd love to meet Leonardo da Vinci, who made the flying machine.

Max: There's Mona Lisa, Marie Antoinette.

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