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Good Morning

Exploring the Liberty Science Center

Kidsday reporter Katelyn Thomas at Liberty Science Center.

Kidsday reporter Katelyn Thomas at Liberty Science Center. Credit: Thomas family

The Liberty Science Center in New Jersey was so much fun!

When you walk in and look up, you will be able to see something in the ceiling that expands and then closes up over and over again. It was so cool, but that was just the beginning. We went to two shows. The first show was a laser light show and the second was about planes. There was a room with a bunch of knobs that you were able to turn and see them change into different colors. This will help you make a bunch of different designs and patterns.

There was a room where you are able to make giant bubbles and an area where you can find out how much damage an earthquake can do. One of my favorite sections let you go on floating lily pads. 

That's only some of what I can tell you about the Liberty Science Center, but there is so much more to do.


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