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Life hacks to make food easier

Have you ever wanted to make your life easier? I can show you my top list for food life hacks that will make your life easier. I was able to find a lot of these ideas by searching "food hacks."

CUPCAKE SANDWICH Take a butter knife and cut off the bottom of the cupcake. Then place the cut part on top of the cupcake's frosting, and that's how you make a cupcake sandwich.

DRIP-FREE PBJ Take a slice of bread and put peanut butter around the edges of the bread. Then do the same to another slice of bread. Then put the jelly right in the middle.

POPSICLE CUP Poke a hole at the bottom of a paper cup. Put the Popsicle stick through the hole in the cup and no mess!

EVERLASTING BANANAS Take plastic wrap and wrap it around the top of a banana. The banana will last a few days longer.

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