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Lifelong Islanders fan to team: Come back to Nassau!

Mike Bossy of the Islanders jumps with joy

Mike Bossy of the Islanders jumps with joy at his accomplishment -- making his 50th goal in his 50th game, in 1981. Credit: Newsday / Dixie D. Vereen

I have been an Islanders fan my whole life. My dad and mom and brothers love the Islanders as well. I have been going to the Nassau Coliseum to watch Islanders hockey games since I was 4. I have been there 19 times. When I heard they were moving to the Barclays Center, I was sad.

It felt like Islanders history was being thrown away. All of the old traditions would be at the Nassau Coliseum. For example, it’s where Mike Bossy scored 50 goals in 50 games. It’s where four Stanley Cups were won four years in a row. There’s an Islanders Hall of Fame there, retired Islanders jerseys and tons of other blue and orange memories. The Islanders had played at the Nassau Coliseum for 43 years.

I have been to the Islanders’ new home at the Barclays Center three times. It is not meant for hockey, because it’s built for basketball games. I would love to see the Islanders play their games at the Nassau Coliseum again, and I have been wondering if other kids like me hope the Islanders will move back there, too. To find out, I asked 200 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders if they wanted the Islanders to move back to the Nassau Coliseum. More than half, 103, said they would love to see them back, while 89 kids just didn’t care and eight said no.

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