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Light-activated Sunny the Robot makes learning simple, fun

Sunny the Robot moves when it senses light.

Sunny the Robot moves when it senses light. Credit: Kerry Abernethy

Who likes robots? If you said yes, then you would love Sunny the Robot (The Young Scientists Club)! It is a light-controlled robot, and when you put it in light (artificial or sunlight), it moves. When it is not in light, it stops. It also has a switch to turn it on and off.

My experience putting together Sunny the robot was pretty simple following the step-by-step instructions. This made it easy to put together along with some help from an adult. This robot was designed to show kids the simplicity of robotics. Sunny has a special light sensor built into it, and once it senses light, the module makes it move.

Once it was put together and sensed light, it moved forward on my tile floor without stopping. Since it is controlled by light, when I put my hand over the light sensor, it stopped. You can adjust the trimmer on the bottom of the robot to increase or decrease the light sensitivity, which will make it move.

All in all, I enjoyed this educational toy. The only thing that I would change on the robot would be to make the wheels bigger and have it turn or reverse when it bumps into something. The wheels work best on a flat surface. It is a cool robot that you can learn simple robotics from.

Here are two other great robots made by this company:

  • Infra the Robot: It moves when receiving an infrared signal from any home remote control
  • Hurdle the Robot: Will stop, back up and change direction when sensing an obstacle

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