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Lighting up your locker

Are you looking for something to decorate your locker with? Most girls in middle school like to decorate their lockers. Besides posters or pictures, a light is a great addition.

We use the Inkology Glo-Lite Magnetic Chandelier. They are flashing rainbow lights with fiber optic bristles. The lights shoot through the bristles and create an amazing light that makes our lockers the coolest in school.

The base of the light is a pretty pink color. Strings of beads help decorate it even more, and if you hang it from the ceiling of your locker, it looks like a chandelier.

There are three lights around the base that shine on the beads. The base is magnetic, so it can be placed anywhere in your locker. It works on three AA batteries.

There is still time this year to have the coolest and brightest locker in school. You can find it on and other places. They cost about $10.

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