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Lite Brite peg board is great for letting your creativity shine

Kidsday reporters Peyton Cuvilly and Brianna Mann of

Kidsday reporters Peyton Cuvilly and Brianna Mann of RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park, tested the Lite Brite Magic Screen set. Credit: Stefanie Murphy

Have you ever been so bored and can’t think of something to do? Well, we were asked to try out Lite Brite Magic Screen Bonus Set (Basic Fun), which might be exactly what you need to cure your boredom. It was so fun to play.

Lite Brite is great for anyone who likes arts and crafts. You get to use colored lights to fill in a template and create cool designs. Some of our favorite designs include a house, ducks and a clown. You make your project on a board that lights up. It has holes in it so that you can poke the lights through the paper. The paper is color-coded so you know where to put each of the pegs so that it glows. Make sure you match the pegs up correctly so you make the correct design.

There are different special effects on this Lite Brite. You can make the light flash at four different speeds. For even better visual effects, try playing with the lights off! We loved that there are storage bins on the sides to keep the pegs in so you don’t lose them. This Lite Brite is compact and great for traveling. It can even fit in your backpack!

Ages: 4 and older

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

Cynthia Howe and Stefanie Murphy’s fourth-grade class, RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park

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