Good Morning
Good Morning

Living life as a triplet

My name is Lucas, and I have two older brothers. Scott is a whopping four minutes older than me, and Bryan is two minutes older than me. We are triplets, which means we were all born at the same time. Bryan and I are identical, while Scott is fraternal, which means he doesn't look like either of us.

The best thing about being a triplet is that you always have someone to play with. The worst thing is that my brothers can be really annoying. But I always know they will be there for me.

One thing that annoys me about being a triplet is that some people call me Bryan and sometimes Scott. You might think, because we are triplets, all of us like the same things. But all of us like different things. For example, Scott plays soccer, Bryan plays chess, and I do tae kwon do. I like being a triplet, but I wonder if you would.

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