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Living with a police dog

Kidsday reporter Julianna Holtje, her father Brian, and

Kidsday reporter Julianna Holtje, her father Brian, and police dog Razor. Credit: Holtje family

My dad is a police officer in the Suffolk County Police K-9 unit. When you are in the K-9 unit, you get a dog as a partner. His dog is Razor, a 6-year-old German shepherd from Poland. My dad and Razor have been partners for five years. Even though Razor is a police dog, he is allowed to live at home with us.

Razor is an explosives detection dog and is trained to look for people. He is considered a dual purpose police dog. This means Razor is trained to search for people and evidence. Razor and my dad trained for about 18 weeks together before they were tested and allowed to work in the street.

When Razor is home, he has his own kennel and doghouse in my backyard. Razor usually stays outside. He stays outside because he needs to realize that he is a “work dog,” not a regular house dog. However, when the weather is really bad, he is allowed to come inside with us. When he comes in, he has his own crate to sleep in.

I enjoy play time with Razor. He is a great family pet. He enjoys playing fetch, going for walks and coming on the trampoline with me. We also have a family dog, Martini, who is almost 14. Martini and Razor get along well and sometimes they run around the yard together.

Living with a police dog is so cool and a very exciting experience. Razor only has about 3 years before he can retire and become a family pet that can stay in the house. Living with a police dog is a fun experience that I love.

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