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Living with scoliosis

Kidsday reporter Veronica Flick holds her scoliosis brace.

Kidsday reporter Veronica Flick holds her scoliosis brace. Credit: Flick family

What is scoliosis? Scoliosis is when a spine is crooked. There are two types of curves, the S-curve and the C-curve. This is the shape the spine resembles. Every scoliosis curve is unique.

But how do people prevent their curve from getting worse? One way is a brace. Have you ever had or known someone with braces on their teeth? Well, people can have a brace for their spine, too.

Another way people stop the spine from getting worse is physical therapy. Schroth therapy is recommended for use with the Wood Cheneau Rigo brace. I went to a physical therapist who was trained. This therapy helped me become stronger and more flexible.

One concern for people is the brace will show. People shouldn’t worry unless the person has a neck brace. If they want to prevent people from seeing the average brace they should just have their brace in white or clear. Girls are more likely to get scoliosis than boys. More people are diagnosed in their teens than in elementary school. Another concern people have is that they will get teased about it. In my school everyone has been good about me having scoliosis, and I hope it will be the same for middle school. When I stop growing I won’t have to wear the brace anymore.

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