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‘Double Dare’ host Liza Koshy meets LI kids

"Double Dare" host Liza Koshy with Kidsday reporters, from left, Kaila Hazarian, Dana Stumpf and Natasha Bogdanoff. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We recently met YouTube star Liza Koshy, the new host of the Nickelodeon game show “Double Dare.” We talked with her and then we even had the chance to participate in some double-dare challenges. We liked the advice Liza gave us at the end of our interview: Stay friends, have fun and make videos together.

How does it feel to be one of the most popular personalities on YouTube?

It is so much fun to make content for kids and people of all ages. Families can sit down and watch my stuff. If you do watch, you see that it is fun making stuff for kids, and I loved being a kid so I am trying to prolong it as long as I can.

We saw that you have millions of subscribers. How did that happen?

I can’t believe it! It is very exciting, and it happened very fast. . . . I am excited to be a part of Nickelodeon.

Would you want to bring celebrities on “Double Dare” to compete?

Yes! Wouldn’t you want to see Ariana Grande covered in whipped cream? As if she couldn’t get any better, let’s cover her in whipped cream and put a couple of cherries on top. And some chocolate, maybe? The show gets crazy, slimy, messy weird!

How old were you when you first started doing your videos on YouTube?

I think my first video was when I was 19. I was pretty old. It has been three years since I first started making videos, and now I am over here at Nickelodeon making videos with the big boys and girls.

How do you feel when people recognize you when you are out in public?

It is always fun. I sometimes have to apologize and say things like, “Oh, I am sorry, I don’t have my eyebrows on right now!” It is fun to say hi to people. It is always good to meet them and give high-fives and stuff.

Who has been your biggest help and most supportive?

My mom and my dad. They were both really supportive of me making videos and stuff. They met in theater class so they are big personalities themselves. They were cool with it, and they said it was OK to be a theater nerd. And so I became one!

How do you come up with your video ideas?

I have an insane brain, and I am a little crazy and little wild, so I think coming up with funny characters and whatever I could wear with glasses and a mustache. I look really good with a bowl cut so I threw that on, and talk in a weird accent. I like to make up characters and stuff.

We were so nervous to come meet you. We were wondering how nervous were you when you went to meet President Barack Obama?

President Barack Obama was amazing. You know how you imagine it would be to meet a celebrity and that person may actually have a halo around them or something? Well, he did! He was tall and he had a halo! It was amazing meeting him, and I thanked him for being our president.

How do you feel to be the new host of “Double Dare”?

I guess YouTube will now be my side job! I am just excited about doing this and making new content on TV instead of just on YouTube.

What video stands out the most to you and why?

I just did a video with my mom. I am proud of that because I am showing my mom to the world and I am thanking her . . . . If you ever want to make a video with my mom, I will let her know, and I will book her for you.

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