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Rocking a trip to London

Kidsday reporter Angelica Rosero of Merrick and her

Kidsday reporter Angelica Rosero of Merrick and her family at Stonehenge. Credit: Rosero family

Visiting London and the surrounding countryside is a beautiful, extraordinary place to travel.

Some of the places that are popular to visit are the London Eye, Abbey Road, the Globe Theatre, London Tower and Bridge, and of course, we can’t forget Tea Time! Other really cool places to go are Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. The London Eye, is kind of like a Ferris wheel. Only cooler. When you are up in the sky, you can see the whole city of London.

We visited Abbey Road, which is the famous road featured on a Beatles album cover. Make sure to take a picture walking across the road. Tea Time was surreal. It was a place where you just sit down, very low key, and you eat and drink your tea. We went to Stonehenge early in the morning when the sun was rising, so my family and I could be there right when it was the most breathtaking. You walk up this tiny hill, where you find yourself in front of these beautiful big rocks, just placed so perfectly. It’s so hard to put into words of how surreal it was. London was one of the best trips I have been on.

Roland Clark’s seventh-grade English class, Merrick Avenue Middle School

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