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Volunteering for the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors

Kidsday reporter Danielle Field helps give wounded vets

Kidsday reporter Danielle Field helps give wounded vets and their families time to relax in Long Beach. Credit: Field family

The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors is an organization that hosts wounded military veterans and their families for a week’s vacation. Very often families are separated while the veteran recovers. This week in Long Beach is meant to be a time to be together and relax.

The day the vets arrive, there is a parade through town and a welcome barbecue. Events are planned throughout the week. There is a trip to New York City, a Long Island Ducks game, surf lessons and fishing trip.

Hotel rooms are donated by the Allegria beachfront hotel. Restaurants and delis donate food. Breakfast and lunch is served by volunteers under a big tent on the beach.

There is plenty of time to relax on the beach. Big-wheeled wheelchairs can carry a veteran to the shoreline or even in the water.

For many years I have helped with children’s activities, which include boogie boarding, body surfing, or just splashing around. There is also a craft table where the kids can decorate visors and shells or make beach jewelry. This year I helped with the day of beauty. Local salons donate their time and services to wives, moms, sisters and daughters of veterans. One thing is for sure — they all look marvelous.

Waterfront Warriors is a very cool way to help out veterans and their families. To find out more, go online to

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