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Long Island Back to Basics basketball camp

Do you like basketball? If you do, you should go to the Long Island Back to Basics Basketball Camp that takes place in Northport during the summer. The camp is for boys and girls in grades K through 10. This camp is a lot of fun and sure to improve your skills. The counselors are really nice and sometimes have counselor vs. counselor competitions, which are really fun to watch.

The camp is divided into age levels, which makes the competition a lot more fair. After lots of practice, there also are exhibition games, then the playoffs and, finally, the championships.

The winning teammates in each league all get a medal, but everyone in the whole entire camp gets a T-shirt. At the end of every day, the camp gives out other awards, such as camper of the day. Also, for those who can't pack their own lunch, you can buy subs or pizza; every meal comes with a bag of chips and a bottle of water.

All the kids have fun doing drills, playing games and just shooting around from time to time. It's a lot of fun and much better than staying in your basement and playing video games all summer. So, if you're looking for some fun, go to the Long Island Back to Basics Basketball Camp. You'll be draining three-pointers in no time. For more, go to

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