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Good Morning

A kids-eye view of all the things to do at the Long Island Children's Museum

Kidsday reporters Andrew Chen, left, Jacob Eckstein, Jack

Kidsday reporters Andrew Chen, left, Jacob Eckstein, Jack Humphreys, Quinn Kessler, all from East Rockaway, doing a dissection at the Long Island Children's Museum Credit: Michelle Healy

As we entered the Long Island Children’s Museum, with the rest of our class recently, we looked around and we were so excited because there was so much to see and do. As we looked up, we saw a chandelier made of broken stained glass. Around us stood places where you could put your face and pretend you had new hair or a new shirt. Some were mirrors while others were holes. In front of us stood paintings of people who are now in college. One said, “I’m old now!” The further we walked into the museum, the more thrills and excitement there was. From bubbles that could fit a human, to telephones that reach across rooms, to Morse code receptors.

After touring most of the museum for what seemed like hours of walking, we were ready to do what we came here to do: Dissect a cow eye. You could tell what was going to happen when you entered the room. The entire room reeked of it. We sat down and talked about what was going to happen and what we were going to see. Then, we began. Instead of being gross, as many of our classmates had thought, it was very interesting. First, we took the fat and muscle off the outside, which is much harder than it looks. Then we cut it open. It was a once-in-a lifetime experience. The pupil was as hard as a rock. The back was metallic-looking, like mixed paint. 

When the dissection was over, we left that room and entered another. That was where they showed us live insects and animals. We looked in the cages and saw stick bugs, tarantulas, and even a hedgehog! They showed us a ball python named Jacob. The museum educator told us about him, and then we got to pet him. By the time we had to leave, we didn’t want to. We had so much fun! We hope to go there again soon.

This summer we highly recommend that whatever your age, you head back to the LICM. It is not just for little kids. They have so much new programming that is geared for older kids. This summer they will have workshops where you, too, can dissect a cow’s eye, or an owl pellet, or even a shark. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll have fun at the LICM.

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