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Hiking trails on Long Island: Try these scenic routes

Kidsday reporter Ellie Brown gets out into the

Kidsday reporter Ellie Brown gets out into the woods on a hike. Credit: Brown family

Have you ever been hiking on Long Island? I have been on many scenic trails, and these are my top three I’ve walked along. I would recommend Sagamore Hill because you experience lots of incredible animals and nature, while you can learn a lot of history.

COLD SPRING HARBOR I like the Cold Spring Harbor hiking trail because it is a harder trail with steep inclines and downhills. The trail also has a beautiful view overlooking the harbor. In the fall, when the leaves are changing color, the sky looks vibrant with them falling from the sky. I even saw a bald eagle once! The trail is in Cold Spring Harbor.

SAGAMORE HILL It was once Teddy Roosevelt’s house, and it also has a great hiking trail that leads to water. It’s a little longer than the trail at Cold Spring Harbor, but it’s fun to enjoy your time on that trail. While you are there, you can see where Roosevelt spent time with his family and what his life was like before he was president. The trail is in Oyster Bay.

TARGET ROCK The trail is 1.4 miles long, and you may get to see lots of wildlife there. The trail leads to Huntington Harbor, and there are lookout points with binoculars, so you can see over the water. Legend has it that during the Revolutionary War, British soldiers used a large rock just off the beach for target practice. Target Rock and the trail are in Lloyd’s Neck.

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