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Long Island kids review ‘Descendants 2,’ talk with its stars

"Descendants 2" stars Dove Cameron, rear left, Sofia

"Descendants 2" stars Dove Cameron, rear left, Sofia Carson and China Anne McClain with Kidsday reporters Avery Halleran, front left, Yana Parikh, Kaya Chojnacki and Xiomara Aristide. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We got to preview the movie “Descendants 2” at ABC offices in June. The movie was action-packed and full of musical numbers. The way the director, Kenny Ortega, of “High School Musical” fame, put the story together was amazing.

The movie starts out where “Descendants” ends, with the kids from the Isle of the Lost now living and attending school in Auradon as part of the proclamation by newly crowned King Ben (played by Mitchell Hope) to bring some of the kids from the Isle of the Lost (where the wicked people live), to see if they can change and be good.

The opening scene has them at school, creating havoc in the hallways, as they sing “Ways to Be Wicked.” Mal (Dove Cameron) tries so hard to be good, but she uses a spell to impress King Ben by creating a fancy dinner for their date. He finds out that she used a spell and is angry, which makes Mal feel that she can never change, so she leaves Auradon and goes back to the Isle where she meets Uma (China Anne McClain).

When Ben finds out that Mal is gone, he convinces the other three kids from the Isle to accompany him to bring Mal back. They arrive, with Ben in disguise, but he is discovered and captured. The others join together to free him. Finally, he is freed, when Mal and the others convince Uma that they have stolen the magic wand, which is really a fake that they made on Auradon. They trade it for Ben’s release and they return to Auradon, but Mal drops her spell book! Guess who finds it. Uma! She comes to Auradon and causes all sorts of problems. We aren’t going to tell you what happens next, but it is exciting.

We loved this movie, but some scenes really stood out, especially the cotillion scene. We won’t tell you much about it, but there was a lot of water! As for the songs, we all thought they were amazing. We all loved “Ways to Be Wicked,” which featured Mal and Evie (Sofia Carson). There is also a new character, Dizzy (Anna Cathcart), and we think she was terrific. We thought the musical numbers were better, and there was much more action. Also, China Anne joined the cast, and we loved her role, and maybe it’s because the characters get to show both their good and bad sides. See this movie. We will all see it again and again!

After seeing the movie, we met China Anne McClain, Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron and talked to them about their roles in the film.

What is your favorite song from “Decendants 2”?

Sofia: I’m going to go with “Space Between” just because when I heard that song, I thought of my sister, and it’s such a beautiful song. So, I think that’s my favorite. And I think my favorite number is “What’s My Name.”

Dove: My favorite are “What’s My Name” and the closing number. It’s so fantastical about the water. I also like “Space Between” and “Rather Be With You.”

China Anne: “Rather Be With You” is good. I loved “It’s Goin’ Down” just because I always love doing rehearsals for that, and then seeing it all put together was really cool. “Chillin’ Like a Villain” was really good, and I cried during “Space Between.”

Dove: I cry on “Space Between” every time I hear it.

What is it like working with Kenny Ortega?

Dove: A dream. I always say about Kenny, if you put someone in a room who had never seen one of Kenny’s movies, and you made them watch five movies, but only one of them was directed by him, that person would be able to pick out which one Kenny directed, because everything that he touches turns to gold. It has this like golden, happy energy. He’s a beautiful person.

Are you more like an Auradon girl or an Isle of the Lost girl?

Sofia: I think that’s the whole thing of “Descendants.” We all have a little bit of both — a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. I’m definitely a mix. Sometimes I want to be in a dress and be like a princess, but even when I do, I want to have a bit of an edge.

Dove: When I’m at home, I’m in a fuzzy white jacket, and I’m in like a little pink dress with little ballet flats and I’m really happy all the time, and I love pink and I’m really cuddly. But I also like, I love drama and films, and big dramatic musicals, and I like the dark. Have you guys ever seen the musical “Wicked”? That’s got all the sparkle of Glinda, but it’s also like dark. It’s wicked, and everybody is screaming and it’s crazy. So, I am like all of it.

China Anne: I’m probably going to say more Isle. As bad as that sounds, I promise I’m not a beat person, or at least I hope I’m not. But I love, everything about me is kind of like dark. You know, I like dark clothing. I don’t really like to wear dresses and stuff. And I love running around with no shoes on and just acting crazy.

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