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Knee socks or long socks: Both keep you warm and in fashion

Kidsday reporters show socks of all lengths. They

Kidsday reporters show socks of all lengths. They are, from left, Gavin Boccard, Zachary Lampert, Chris Smalley, Ryan Landau, Luke Richard and Caitlin McDonald of RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park. Credit: Stefanie Murphy

Recently I noticed that a lot of people are wearing long socks pulled up high, but I don’t know why. So I did research, and here is what a few fourth-grade boys in my class had to say:

Some pros, or advantages, to wearing long socks are: They keep you warm and they look cool. You can see the designs on your socks better. If you have a cut you can cover it up. They look good with sporty outfits.

Some cons, or disadvantages, are: You can’t see them when you wear pants. They look bad when you scrunch them down. They make you sweaty on a hot day, and sometimes they can be scratchy.

What do you think? Do you like wearing long socks or are you a short-sock kind of a person? I wonder how long this trend will last, and I can’t wait to find out what the new trend will be!

Cynthia Howe and Stefanie Murphy’s fourth-grade class, RJO Intermediate School Kings Park

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