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Looking at lockers: A decoration guide

It's almost a month into school. Have you decorated your locker yet? We think most girls these days are into locker accessories. And we started thinking about ways to decorate our lockers as far back as 2011. A lot of the things we like you can find at your favorite store or by going online to:

We even decorated three lockers and we want to tell you what we did. In one locker we put blue and green flower magnets. Then we put blue, zebra wallpaper on the door and the back. We put a blue-and-white bow and key magnet in the locker. For good organization, we used two of the Locker Lookz cups to organize pens and pencils. We put a blue chandelier and a blue-and-white curtain.

We put pink wallpaper in our next locker. We put a Cinderella magnet, a pink-and-white bow, and a pink zebra whiteboard. We put a zebra organizer to hold a lot of small school supplies. We put a pink rug and black-and-white curtain. We also put a white chandelier. We also put in some school supplies in the locker.

And in our last locker, we put purple zebra wallpaper. A homemade duct tape flower and a Locker Lookz purple flower. A purple zebra bow and key. We also put in some Locker Lookz magnets. We added markers and a textbook to the locker.

Those are just a few of the ideas to make your locker look a little more friendly. Make sure you leave room for your books and jackets!

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