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Kidsday reporter Dylan Dascoli with the Mission Belt,

Kidsday reporter Dylan Dascoli with the Mission Belt, left, and Michael Cecere with sunglasses by Nike. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Dylan reviewed the Mission Belt. He said, “It is a blue belt with a red buckle. It has a release lever instead of a regular prong-and-a-hole closure. The lever helps the ratchet go up so you can loosen and tighten the belt. The belt was too small for me, so my cousin Brody tried it out. He said ‘I like how it feels and the colors, but what I mostly like is the leather.’ I thought the belt was fancy. I liked it so much that I asked my mom to buy me a belt just like the Mission Belt but in my size.”

Michael tested out Nike sunglasses. He said, “This one has green ear pieces. The top bar and lenses are black. These sunglasses have 100 percent UV protection. I wore them outside on a sunny day. We went to Grandma’s house. These sunglasses are great. I’ve had a lot of sunglasses that were the worst. These sunglasses fit perfectly and they are very comfortable.”

AGES 8 to 12

RATING 5 smiles

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